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9 Years of audibene

It’s our birthday! We’re celebrating nine years of changing people’s lives with better hearing. Celebrations will look different this year, with an online celebration on a virtual tropical island, food and drinks delivered to our teammates, and everybody choosing their own favorite party tunes! A lot has happened since 2012, with our most important asset being our team.

Started From The Living Room

Imagine your home office actually being the living room of a founder, that’s what it was like at the beginning of audibene! With only 5 team members, laptops, phones, and a big mission, we wanted to see if we could break into the hearing care industry and change lives with better hearing!

As we grew (and Marco Vietor wanted his living room back) we moved into a small office space in Kreuzberg. By 2013 we had around 25 colleagues, and this is when we formed the most important parts of our mentality: the speed and the spirit. We still retain this mentality today!

The Fastest-Growing Hearing Care Company Ever

In just nine years, our team has grown from five to over 1500 colleagues! How did we do that?

We change people’s lives with better hearing. It’s estimated that one in every ten people will have disabling hearing loss by 2050 and we want to make sure that none of them have to live with bad hearing. Our mission is what drives us.

We enjoy spending time with each other and bouncing ideas around! There’s a lot of fun in our teams, and we love celebrating together. Who could forget our legendary trip to the Czech Republic, where we did some skiing, bonding, and (of course) partying!

Nine years ago, an online HealthTech changing the way that hearing care was provided was unthinkable. We have a complex product and a long customer journey, but use the 80/20 approach whenever possible and our decision making is fast. Our teams are small, agile, and interconnected, and our teammates are entrepreneurial and empowered to take ownership of their own projects.

Now We’re Everywhere

We believe that everyone should be able to hear well to live well… and we mean everyone! We’re based in 11 countries across the globe and our team comprises 45 nationalities, making sure that we can reach as many people in the best way possible. From Denver to Seoul and everywhere in between, we’re all one big team with one big dream!