Our customers' path to better quality of life

Many people find it difficult to take the step of getting their first hearing aid. Most are unsure: What is the process like? How much does a hearing aid cost? Which hearing aid is right for me? At audibene, our customer advisors are there to support each customer personally. From the initial consultation to the purchase of a hearing aid and beyond, our clients’ needs are always prioritized. But how do we make sure they stay top of mind throughout? We sat down with Johannes to explain our sales process in more detail in a new blog article. Don’t have time? No problem, for a quick overview of the path to a better quality of life, just take a look at the infographic at the end of the post.

How do we ensure that our customers always remain at the forefront? In this article, we explain the sales process at audibene.

Once customers have become aware of audibene, they register their interest by completing an online questionnaire. We then use all the information from the online questionnaire later in the customer consultation. After registration, the first personal telephone consultation with one of our customer advisors, the hearing experts, begins immediately. This is how the path to a better quality of life begins for our customers.

audibene fact

Most of our customers are from the baby boomer generation (1949-1967). Most of them have not had any contact with hearing aids before our consultation.

“We adapt to each customer individually. Answering the online questionnaire is very important for our customer advisors. This information helps us to understand the customer and their needs even before the first meeting. In this way, we guarantee that the consultation, the central point for the process and key to success, will be a complete success.” Johannes, customer consultant

Phase 2 – Welcome to audibene

“In the first meeting, my focus is on building a personal relationship with the customer and advising them well. Everyone should be sufficiently informed and prepared for the acoustic appointment. The customers can then start the first appointment with a certain amount of confidence. I often also clear up prejudices and consolidate confidence in hearing aids by explaining the subject matter.” – Johannes, customer consultant

Our customer consultants accompany their personal customers through the entire process: from the first consultation to finding the right hearing aid to the conclusion of the purchase and even beyond. Even the first phone call is therefore very important: this is where the audibene hearing expert builds trust and clarifies everything that is important later in the process. This means, among other things, that he or she must understand the customer’s challenges, advise him or her on suitable hearing aids and explain the rest of the process. In consultation with the customer, he then organizes the first appointment with an acoustician near the customer. This allows each customer to move on to the next step at his or her own pace and without effort.


audibene fact

The first telephone consultation takes an average of 25 minutes.

Phase 3 - Finding individual solutions

The time has come: the first appointment with one of our partner acousticians is imminent. This is where many people come into direct contact with hearing aids for the first time. It’s comparable to getting your first pair of glasses fitted – a completely different feeling!

Still, client expectations need to be managed. Sometimes the hearing aid settings don’t fit right away, often it takes time for the brain to get used to the sounds. The customer advisor works closely with the partner acoustician here: The fitting of the devices is discussed professionally and individually. The most important thing for us is that our partners and we respond precisely to the needs of our customers. That’s why they also have the opportunity to test different hearing aids for several weeks at no extra charge. This way, everyone can understand and recognize which hearing aid brings which advantages and how they actually give back quality of life.

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Our more than 1,000 partner audiologists are spread throughout Germany. This ensures that there is always one near our customers and saves them a lot of time and effort. The partner audiologists have been carefully selected by us in terms of service and quality.

“The service for our customer is always the main focus. It is important to us that the customer has a personal contact at all times, whether after the first acoustic appointment or after one has already purchased the hearing aid. We build a personal relationship with each customer.” – Johannes, Customer Advisor

Phase 4 - Getting to the conclusion together

“We go hand in hand with the customer through the entire process. In the process, we stay in contact permanently. Whether by phone, via e-mail or through the partner acoustician – the customer should never feel left alone.” – Johannes, Customer Consultant

During the hearing aid trial, our customer advisors remain in close contact with the customer. We support all customers in wearing their hearing aids and provide tips on settings and options. In addition, the hearing expert interacts with the partner audiologist to ensure that the client experience is optimal. After the initial acoustician appointment, there are then often additional appointments where the client continues to receive advice and hearing aids are fine-tuned. In the end, every client finds the right hearing aid!

audibene fact

On average, a client has four to six appointments with our partner audiologist and tries out different hearing aids. During the process, the hearing expert calls several times to inquire about how the customer is doing. In addition, further useful information on the subject of hearing aids is sent by e-mail.

Phase 5 - All's well that ends well

Optimally, less than a month has passed from online registration to the first telephone call to the purchase of the hearing aids. All of the customer’s needs were met. Thanks to our service, the customer has now regained significantly more quality of life with the right hearing aid! But the road to a better quality of life is not over yet. Even after the sale, we stay in contact with our clients and offer them aftercare. At the end of the journey, the customer must always be satisfied.

What was the best thing for you in your career as a customer consultant at audibene?

“The best experience is always giving people back a nicer, less complicated everyday life. Many are happy to finally be able to understand their children and grandchildren again and to hear the sounds of everyday life in a new way: Some, for example, have not noticed the car turn signal for years. Experiences like this always show me the added value we offer and how we improve our customers’ lives a little bit every day. That feeling, knowing you’re making such a difference in someone else’s life, makes me happy.” – Johannes, Customer Advisor